While driving around Northern California, I noticed quite a few abandoned houses and farms and decided to make a project of documenting them. Each location has drama depending on the circumstances of the owners leaving the property and what has happened to it since they left. Some places have been used since abandonment, some have interesting and sometimes violent graffiti, some seem like the people left in a hurry with the detritus of their lives strewn behind, some were quiet but the struggle was still palpable there. I approach these places like a crime scene investigation, try to ascertain at what point the owners decided to abandon the property and what the circumstances were at the time of the move. Was it when the roof started to leak,  a new road was built too nearby, the owner died, a bank foreclosed? The process of  a building being abandoned, deconstructing and returning to the earth seemed interesting.  The vandalism is also fascinating because it’s a view into how people behave in a house when the owners are not around. Since I started this project, the geographic boundaries of the project have expanded towards Washington.


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  1. I agree with Vivian. There is an honesty and rigor in your reportage… Your recording of forgotten abandoned places. You find beauty and clarity where others might see only clutter and squalor.

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