Freight Hoppers Stop

Freight Hoppers StopA stopover for freight hoppers. Here is some advice from an online source:

Find your local freight yard. There’ll be a train leaving or coming through there eventually. Look for train yards in the forgotten part of town, the part of town with all the rough neighborhoods. The yard is usually near big industry, maybe near a river or port. You can often find givaway street names like Railroad Ave. The passenger train station is probably not too far away.

There are freight yards in almost every city in America. However, there are fewer marshalling yards where they make up and break down trains. These big yards are going to be the easiest places to gather information and catch-out. Here you can ask the yard crew which trains are leaving where when.

Some yards are crew change-points. A single crew can work a maximum of twelve hours, so yards at which trains receive fresh crews are strategically placed along the mainlines. These are good yards to catch out from.


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