Bridge at UC Davis

Bridge at UC Davis

A moonlit walk at the arboretum, Monday night. When you can’t see, the smells are pretty intriguing.


Lake Shasta, California

Lake Shasta, California

This was such an amazing sight. The fog lay around the construction of the new bridge to span Lake Shasta at 3 am as the worker’s lamps lit the scene.

Hallway Fruit Sheds

Hallway Fruit ShedsIn 1945 the California Fruit Exchange (est. 1901) built a fruit packing shed located at Taylor and King Roads in Loomis. Peaches, plums and pears were brought in all summer from local farmers. The fruit was sorted, packed and shipped nationwide.

Waterfront 5

Waterfront 5The city of Stockton in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley has gone bankrupt. During the economic boom, this working-class city with pockets of entrenched poverty tried to reinvent itself as a draw to Bay Area refugees and a popular site for conventions. This is one side of the improved riverfront.