22nd & H

22nd & H

The Martinez House, what a great place. There were two outside lights on here, but they were covered with cob webs and bugs so it looks like they are never turned off. Also there is a huge padlocked on the front gate, I would bet the house is abandoned.

Searching online, I found this information:

According to the neighbors, there have been some deaths in the house. At one time, one of the tenants of this home, would take his wife to the cellar and torture her, she eventually died in the house. One story goes that a man went berserk and killed his whole family in the house. I’ve had several people tell me the story behind the house is that the original builders and owners of the house were a prominent & historical family of both Sacramento & California in general. The patriarch of the family, apparently suffering from an unknown mental disorder murdered his grandchildren, the house servants, and family pet.

Searching in the Sacramento historical archives, I have uncovered some information that lends some credence to this legend. Source:



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