Undeserted House

Undeserted House

This place is in Sacramento and seemed abandoned. The car had the hatch open, was filled with dried leaves and  was up on blocks. I thought I was pretty good at finding these places but on a whim I knocked on the door and someone answered. Strangely enough, the meeting was not awkward at all, in fact it seemed like the guy had been waiting for me. Living here is a man about my age with a fascinating story, we talked for about an hour. He was waiting for a foreclosure on the house after not being paid for a few contracting jobs. In the meantime he was studying to become an Orthodox Jew. I have a lot of questions about Judaism, so we had plenty to talk about. He had a handsome face, clear blue eyes and filthy long fingernails, I could see the cobwebs inside the house were covered with cooking grease. He talked about why he was converting and about his history growing up in the Midwest in a neighborhood of Orthodox Jews. He said he had an affinity for the religion because the girls in the neighborhood formed a protective bond around him as a young boy.


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